All my New upcoming Tech Videos

- 240SX s13-s14 Complete Suspension Install DVD

- 240sx SOHC to DOHC Swap DVD

- 240sx VLSD + OBX Diff. Install DVD

- S13 KA24DE Removal DVD

- S14 KA24DE Removal DVD


- SR20DET Stock Swap s13 DVD

- SR20DET Stock Swap s14 DVD

- SR20DET Turbo Upgrade DVD

- SR20DET Motor Build DVD

- SR20DET Head Build DVD

- SR20DET How to Tune DVD


- KA24DET Turbo DVD Updated Part 2

- KA24DE Motor Build DVD -

- KA24DE Head Build - FILMING NOW!

- KA24DET How to Tune DVD


- RB20DET Stock Swap s13 DVD

- RB20DET Sock Swap s14 DVD

- RB20DET Motor Build DVD

- RB20DET Turbo Upgrade DVD

- RB20DET How To Tune DVD


- There are many more to come - keep checking back for more updates!


All these video ideas could and probably will be copied by others - but there are
no 2 videos alike!
Plus I highly doubt anyone will go into as much detail as I do - Because that would
dip into their profit too much.
I am not here to make a profit - so you don't have to worry about that with my
I try my best to make my videos to be very detailed and make the video as high
quality audio/video as I can.
You can always count on me to give 100% tech support on my videos - as I do all
the work myself.