There are tons of write-ups on the web - But nothing as detailed as this!

Using a 95' 240sx ODBII KA24DE

This DVD will help anyone out wanting to swap a 5 speed in any type car -
SOHC KA - SR20DET etc. It will give the basic idea on how to do the swap on any
Year/Make/Model - As long as you have a FSM for your Car/Truck/SUV.

Will also include;

- Doing the swap on S13 & S14 chassis

- Pulling motor/tranny

- Pulling Tranny from under car
- So viewer can see how swap is done both ways

- Things to watch out for before installing your tranny

- Removing auto pilot bushing

- Installing 5 speed pilot bushing

- Fidanza Flywheel install

- Nut/Bolts sizes - Torque settings

- Gaskets - Oil Seals

- Installing 5 speed Brake Booster

- Installing short shifter

- Full list of what is needed

- Prices I paid for items

- Bleeding clutch & brake systems

- Installing 5 speed brake and clutch pedals

- complete detailed wiring

- using a 5 speed ECU & auto ECU

- What all parts are universal between auto and 5 speed as well as s13 to s14 etc

- Tons of tips & tricks

And so much more!
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